CRU Coastal Ratepayers United

Heritage, Conservation, Protection

CRU has established an enviable record in its fight on behalf of its members and Kapiti ratepayers in general. We have won every major battle we have fought and always against the odds. We were successful in:

  • Defeating the absurd policy of managed retreat, where all services to coastal properties were under threat of being withdrawn;
  • having KCDC set up the international panel of experts to review the Coastal Systems Ltd [Shand] Coastal Hazard Reports;
  • having the Science Review Panel uphold our evidence and finding the CSL Report was not fit for purpose;
  • having all the hazard lines withdrawn;
  • persuading KCDC to undertake a review of the entire Proposed District Plan;
  • having KCDC accept our terms of reference for the Review;

  • convincing the PDP Review Panel [Allen/Fowler Report] to recommend the deletion of Chapter 4 of the PDP and related coastal hazard provisions;
  • having KCDC remove those provisions;
  • CRU as Intervenor supporting Mike and Veronica Weir’s High Court challenge to the misinformation on Land Information Memoranda [LIM’s] and having that information removed from LIM’s;
  • re–writing the LIM information;
  • successfully contesting many of the s72 Building Act certificates being wrongly placed on titles.

These achievements are the results of thousands of hours of effort by many members. Is the battle over? No. In truth is it is only partly fought.

One of the objectives of CRU is to preserve, as far as is practicable, the uniqueness and beauty of the coastal foreshore. It is the most important part of the heritage of this wonderful coast. It has been enjoyed as a place of stunning beaches for generations. We continue to rely on your support. This is a winning team!

  • Paul Dunmore
    CRU Chair
  • Degree in mathematics from Victoria University of Wellington, doctorate in physics and Masters in Business Administration from McMaster University (Canada). Retired Professor of Accounting, Massey University. Kapiti Coast resident since 1994. Paul gets annoyed when people in authority, often with little understanding of the science or of how to make long-term decisions with uncertain information, use their power to impose bad rules on others. He gets more annoyed when the rulemakers arrogantly claim to be acting in a public interest which they cannot define, ignore the law when it suits them, and denigrate the people whose homes are put at risk by their bad rules. Paul's work for CRU has made him very annoyed indeed.

  • Michael Alexander
    CRU Treasurer
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  • Bryce Wilkinson
    PhD, Economics Portfolio
  • Bryce is a director of Capital Economics Limited, a Wellington-based economic consultancy firm. Prior to setting up Capital Economics on 1977, he was a director and shareholder of First NZ Capital, a leading New Zealand investment bank. Prior to working in investment banking he worked on public policy issues in the New Zealand Treasury, reaching the position of Director of its internal Economics Division in 1984. Bryce has a PhD in economics from the University of Canterbury and honours degrees in economics and chemistry from the same university. During 1977-78 he was a Harkness Fellow at Harvard University. He is a Fellow of the Law and Economics Association of New Zealand and was its president for a number of years. He is a past member of the New Zealand Stock Exchange.

  • Quentin Poole
    Committee member
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  • Gil Retter
    Committee member
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